$19.99 Per Month


  • 1,000 Video Views
  • 2¢ Per View
  • A Private Dashboard
  • Target Your Audience
  • Remarketing Tag  
  • Advertise Multiple Videos
  • Expert Support
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$29.99 Save $50 Per Month


  • 5,000 Video Views
  • 1¢ Per View
  • A Private Dashboard
  • Target Your Audience
  • Remarketing Tag  
  • Advertise 1 x Videos
  • Expert Support

$99.99 Save $150 Per Month


  • 20,000 Video Views
  • ½¢ Per View
  • A Private Dashboard
  • Target Your Audience
  • Remarketing Tag  
  • Advertise 5 x Videos
  • Expert Support

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About simpleVideoAd

Promote your YouTube video so more people see your content or interact with your business. It's really easy to set up an only takes a few minutes. You video appears as an ad before other people's videos. You only pay for each view, so if somebody presses "Skip Ad", you don't pay. We'll give you a log in to your own dashboard so you can track important metrics about your video & know how many people have viewed your ad. Get started now, it's fast, affordable & effective.

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How It Works

1.Add Your Video

Simply tell us your YouTube video or upload to our system.

2.Target Your Audience

Easily choose who to show your video to by keyword or shopper category. You can then refine your audience by location, gender & age group.

3.Choose Your Package

Determine how many views your video will receive by choosing a package. You can pay securely with your credit card via Stripe or PayPal.

4.Your Ad Shown on YouTube

Once you've created your video will show on YouTube and YouTube partner sites to your chosen audience. Your video appears as an ad before other videos. We'll give you a real-time dashboard so you can monitor progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Upload your video or send us a link
  • Choose how to target your audience
  • Choose your package & pay securely
  • People see your video on YouTube
  • You receive a log in to real-time dashboard
  • Cancel at any time

Yes, we’ll provide some code to add to your website so that you can show ads to people who have visited your website or webpage or viewed your ad.

Simply choose how many views you want your video to have & make a secure payment. This payment will automatically renew each month until you cancel your subscription.

We do not tie you in to any period other than your first month & you can cancel at any time. Your ad will continue to show for the remainder of the month after cancellation.

Your ads will be shown to the audience you have defined in the locations you have chosen.

For instance, you can choose Females in age groups 25-35 & 35-44 who are interested in topics related to Beauty Products and viewing from United Kingdom.

Simply email accounts@simpleVideoAd.com 7 days before your renewal period to cancel your advertising account.

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$50 = 2,000 views


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